Community Outreach - The community is the bedrock for our organization - we can't succeed if we do not take care of our community - outreach is a key component of that success.

​Group Classes - Want the challenge and accountability that a group setting offers?  From a local Mother's Group to Corporate Wellness…we can help.

Weight Management - Group classes and individual counseling is available.  Each option offers a different opportunity and is based on your needs.

Sports Nutrition - We have world class athletes on our client list, but we also cater to any fitness level…from the beginner to the professional athlete - we cover the entire spectrum.

Menu & Recipe Analysis - Restaurant menu analysis or individualized recipe analysis can put your company in compliance or help combat food allergies. We happily provide this service to assist with your needs.

Public Speaking - We can help with that also, as we love presenting to companies or your organization.

Home & Hospice Care - Flexibility and compassion are the hallmarks of nutrition in this setting. We are experienced in the special needs in this area.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (Diabetes & Renal Disease) - We are on staff at multiple hospitals in our local area and as Registered and Licensed Dietitians are trained in meeting the individualized nutritional needs of patients diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or renal disease.

Clinical Support - Clinical nutrition care requires a specific skill set to include nutrition support and critical care. We can assist with your institution's needs for coverage of all clinical nutrition needs.

Long-Term Care (LTC) - Care is care - we respect the needs of our LTC Clients and find new ways to enhance nutrition on the LTC Setting.

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Welcome to Dietary Directions, Inc., where we believe healthy living is a choice.

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Achievable Solutions - A Weight Management Workbook

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This workbook is included in the Group Class (each participant receives one free Workbook - please contact us for a Group Class Quote).